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Manifesting A Relationship (Bring In A Mate)

A relationship manifest will probably be the most exciting and complex endeavor you will ever undertake.  Unlike bringing in a new car, house, or career, a relationship connects with every aspect of your life.  A substantial relationship moves far beyond companionship.  It may involve creating children or blending families.

Why a manifest? Manifesting allows the universe to provide a mate. If you've read "The Secret" or "Law Of Attraction" you've come to understand that the process of looking around for a partner, picking and choosing possible prospects, shows the universe you are more interested in doing research than actually living your dream. It says you are uncertain about what you deserve and are willing to see what might fit for now.

The universe loves you. It passionately wants to send you someone to connect with at the deepest level. It is simply waiting for you to get clear about what you want, and stand up for what you know you deserve.

Background On Manifesting

If you have not already done so, please review the reference material on Manifesting in general.  It covers the overall practice, contains guidelines on content, and even mentions common pitfalls.


Specifics About Relationship Manifests

The guidelines here reflect manifesting a life partner.  If it is your choice to use the manifest session to bring in a summer romance, short term connection, or long term friendship, that is always an option.  Simply adjust your writings accordingly and make sure the group understands your intentions.

For a life partner, include everything that is important to you.  You may find yourself bombarded by influences from others indicating what they believe you should want (we call this "shoulding" on people).  This is not about them.  This is about you.  Stay open to the suggestions, just in case one resonates for you.  Don't get hung up on other people's desires (and sometimes, fears).

Here's an extremely "short list" as a sample starting point.  And again, only if it matters to you:

  •   Sexual orientation / Gender

  •   Location

  •   Culture

  •   Spiritual path / beliefs

  •   Children

  •   Age (in general)

  •   Experience of abundance

  •   Connection to family

  •   Availability

Everything you include is significant.  In addition, everything you exclude is also significant.  Anything you choose not to state will be viewed by the universe as a conscious declaration of "this is not important to me".


Including the Chakras

Within the general reference material on Manifesting you will find a notation regarding an advanced approach.  It mentions invoking the power of all 7 chakras to ensure your manifests are more complete.  In relationship manifests, this can be even more powerful.  In addition to everything else, you might consider how the two of you will relate at each chakra level:

  •   How do you find safety/security in one another?

  •   How do you connect on an emotional/sexual/creative level?

  •   How do you blend power, support each other in power, respect each other's power?

  •   How do you connect with each other's inner child, and community in general?

  •   How do you communicate your truths?

  •   How do your visions of the world (intellect and intuition) match up?

  •   How do you blend spiritual paths, and how does this benefit the world as a whole?

Once again, this is not a requirement.  Only include these if they are important to you.


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